Mosque Etiquettes

- An initiative to encourage us all to be mindful where we park and not cause an inconvenience to neighbours and residents around masjids.

- Always use shoe racks to safely stack shoes when entering your local masjid.

Mobile Phone switch Off

We started an initiative based upon the nuisance factor of phones bleeping and buzzing during Iftar. Families are encouraged to observe phone switch off time from 9pm to Iftar to increase devotion and attention to prayers at such a spiritually beneficial time of the day.

Foster Care

The National Fostering Agency IS looking for new foster carers in the Leicester area especially those within the Muslim community. With an increasing number of children being fostered, including Muslim children both from within the local community and sanctuary seeking Muslim children from war zones around the world, the demand for new caring, supportive and positive foster families has not been greater. At NFA we currently receive approximately 40 referrals per month for Muslim children within the Midlands area who would truly benefit from a good cultural and faith based placement.

The National Fostering Agency has joined up with Radio Ramadan with the aim of recruiting 10 new Muslim foster families during the period of Ramadan.

Would you like to become a foster carer and join our family? Would you like to provide a Muslim child with a caring Muslim family?
As a foster carer with NFA you receive a weekly financial allowance to cover all food, clothing ,pocket money and expenses so you will not be financially out of pocket. we also provide extensive training and support from our dedicated social workers, as well as family activities and events throughout the year.

To become a foster carer contact The National Fostering Agency on
0800 044 3030 or visit

We at Ramadan Radio have started an initiative to help NFA recruit 10 new fostering families to care for vulnerable Muslim children.